Spreading light through essential support for Israelis

Our end-of-year fundraising efforts are aimed at addressing the continued urgent humanitarian needs in Israel in the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas terrorist massacre.

Driven by the generosity of the University’s American supporters, the University of Haifa Scholarship Fund for Reserve Soldiers is enabling the institution to offer emergency scholarships of NIS 2,000 ($500) per student-soldier as they bravely step up for their homeland during wartime. Additionally, the University of Haifa President’s Emergency Fund is distributing much-needed relief to displaced families through living stipends, psychological support and more, while supporting the University’s usage of dormitories as temporary housing for evacuees.


Join us to strengthen Israel. Creating a stronger middle class and changing lives is at the heart of
everything we do, but these values can only be maintained with your invaluable help. Not only will
your gift be deeply appreciated, but we’ll also ensure your funds will be carefully applied to have
maximum impact.

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