British Achievements

2022 – The largest one-time donation in the University’s history, Donated by Dr. Gyongyver and Peter Kadas, the gift will support the Kadas Nexus an International Faculty Initiative for Global Climate Change, a virtual community of scholars, spanning universities and research centres across the globe.

2021 – Prof. Simon Baron- Cohen receives a Knighthood for service to people with autism.

2018 – University of Haifa UK raises over $500,000 for the International Holocaust Research Institute at the University.
2017 – The Kadas – Isaacs Endowment Fund for Mediterranean Sea Research is set up.
2012 – Dr Gyongyver Kadas, a specialist in urban biodiversity, founds the Kadas Green Roofs Ecology Research Centre. Her and her husband Peter Kadas received an honorary doctorate for this initiative.
2012 – The Gerald Ronson Science Pavilion is established, bringing back scientists who had left Israel to further their studies abroad in fields ranging from cancer research to anti-ageing therapy.
2008 – Sir Maurice Hatter and Lady Irene Hatter build the Hatter Student Building, giving students a superb home for studying and socialising.
2004 – The Management Building is dedicated to Lord Anthony Jacobs who envision successful entrepreneurship in Israel and supported the excavation of the ancient shipwreck at Ma’agan Michael.
1970s – Helena Markson, a renowned British Artist co-founds the Art Department at the University. Her beautiful prints are now in collections across the world.
1990s – Professor Sir Walter Bodmer, a University of Haifa UK Trustee, becomes a founding member of the University’s Institute of Evolution which has been hailed a national treasure.
Over several decades continuous support has been received for student scholarships, by many British Trusts and Foundations.


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