Supporting marginalised groups and promoting peaceful coexistence

The University of Haifa proudly exemplifies how a shared society based on respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence can operate amongst a campus community. The University has by far the highest proportion of students from the Arab and Druze communities of any Israeli university, and it plays an important role as a vehicle of social mobility for Israel by educating a new, more diverse middle class. It also has the highest proportion of students who are the first in their family to receive a higher education, be they secular, Jews and the Haredim, Arabs or Druze. The city of Haifa is a natural social-science laboratory, hosting more than a dozen religious factions, which live together harmoniously. The University’s campus reflects and embraces the city’s diversities, and is perhaps a looking glass into the future of how multi-ethnic, multi-faith communities can coexist peacefully.


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