New Appointment at The University of Haifa – Prof. Mouna Maroun first Arab Rector

The University of Haifa is proud to announce the appointment of Prof. Mouna Maroun as Rector.

Prof. Maroun, currently the Vice President and Dean of Research, brings a distinguished record of trailblazing achievements. She is a first-generation university graduate and the first woman from her hometown of Isfiya to earn a PhD. Additionally, she is the first Arab woman in Israel to hold a senior faculty position in the natural sciences. Her pioneering neuroscience research, exploring stress and fear responses, could pave the way for new treatments tailored exclusively for children and adolescents. Prof. Maroun will begin her tenure in October 2024.
“I commit to continuing to be a beacon of science and excellence in the heart of the north, promoting a common, real, and daily existence between members of all religions and denominations in Israel,” said Prof. Maroun.

Bradley M. Bloom, Chairman of the Board of Governors, said: “Mouna is a brilliant neuroscientist and her skills will serve us well as the University moves towards creating a new School of Medicine and the attendant strengthening of its life sciences. Mouna is also the first Arab to ever serve in this critical position, and one of only a few women to hold a senior position in any Israeli university. We are proud to be trailblazers, committed to electing leaders based solely and exclusively on academic excellence and leadership skills.”


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